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Scrivener Tip : Icons

This tip is for Scrivener 1.9.0 Windows.

One thing Scrivener has going for it is that it is highly customizable and fluid. It can adapt to an ever evolving writing style. As writers we have wants and needs for different projects. Scrivener can adapt to meet those needs.

In my writing, I typically use two POVs, one per scene. I customize the icons in Scrivener to indicate which POV for the scene.

This allows me to take a big picture view and see who is getting more screen time and I can adjust accordingly. It is also a nifty reminder so I am less likely to head hop.

I also have checklists and notes in my draft folder after each Act. These have their own icon.

If this isn’t your writing process maybe you can use the different icons to mark specific parts of the plot arc.



To change icons, I right click on the text in the Binder. Change Icon.

Repeat as needed.


You’ll notice I’ve picked the red and blue notebook to indicate the POV. Lectern to show my notes. I’m not overly picky. There are also ways to download other icons and add them to the collection, but I haven’t seen a need to do that. There are plenty of icons available. However, if you need some procrastinating ideas, search for adding icons to scrivener. Bling it out.




Scrivener Tip

Scrivener Tip : Targets

I personally love Scrivener for planning, outlining, and writing. The verdict is still out when it comes to formatting, but I definitely don’t know everything. While I get back into writing a new story, I’m learning what I can.

This tip is for Scrivener 1.9.0 Windows.

I am a fan of using the word targets. In Outliner view mode I set up the columns to display the word count and targets for each scene. Most other writers tend to do a form of chapter and scene type of layout, but it would still work no matter what layout you prefer.


This round of writing, I’m using project targets a little more. To access this go to Project – Project Targets or Ctrl + , (that’s control plus sign comma).


In the pop up box I have the estimated word count I’m aiming for with the story and a session target. The session resets at midnight or so I’m told. You can also reset it manually.

Scriv will track all your writing, even if it isn’t in your draft folder where your story is located. So, if I write in research it adds that word count to my session target.


UnBlessed now available in paperback!


Unblessed in Paperback

Originally posted on Crystin Goodwin:

Stage one is now complete: the second edition of UnBlessed is available through Amazon and select retailers in paperback!

Let me just say that the cover is absolutely gorgeous in print. Like, incredibly gorgeous. Don’t believe me? Lookie:

New frontNew spine

Just look at that book: the colors, the design, the spine.

Now you can wait impatiently to see what books one and two look like lined up together … mwahaha!

(To be perfectly honest, I’m still waiting on the final proof copy for Fire. I had to make a few minor changes – but, oh, does it look incredible!)

Want a copy of your own? Visit my Books by Crystin page or click on your favorite retailer below. Hint: If you really want to support this starving artist (well, not starving – but I definitely want a cookie), use the direct link!

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EBook Sale!

Originally posted on Crystin Goodwin:

As promised, day one of my Blessings of Myrillia eBook sale is underway! What better time to dive into a new fantasy series than when the first book is free?

I dunno, maybe when you can get the sequel for 99 cents?

Here’s links, descriptions, and pictures – just because. :D

UnBlessed – free!ebook cover - large

New Second Edition with bonus material!

Kisara Tenebris is a Melior: one of the elemental magic users that populate the world of Myrillia. Every aspect of Melior life is dictated by their Blessing, or ability, with the rarest and most powerful earning a spot on the ruling council.

Kisara dreams of the day she’ll receive her own Blessing and take her place among society. But when she’s unBlessed year after year, left behind by her friends – and the boy she loves – she can’t help but wonder
what she did wrong.

Instead, Kisara must discover…

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Blood for Big and Small

I had blood cancer a while back. I received several blood transfusions and each time they saved my life. I suffered from anemia and continued to have to deal with it a year after I went into remission.

After I got cancer, I can’t donate blood. Obviously, no one would want potentially cancerous blood. So, I thank everyone every time I see someone give blood. Sometimes I donate the juice and cookies.

Even with my background, it never occurred to me that the same need is there for pets. Only their blood bank is even more depleted than it is for humans. So, very few owners allow their pets to donate blood. It doesn’t even enter our mind.

Kashmir also known as Kassy was rushed to the emergency a few days ago. My cat had been sick and struggling for a while but it was believed to be a UTI and not severe anemia. By the time I got her to the EV, she had practically no blood left and was very close to dying.


There wasn’t any blood. I was fortunate enough to have an awesome vet who knew people. She had one client who had a blood donor cat. I was lucky enough that this cat could give blood. The owner brought the donor cat in and saved Kassy’s life that night.

We aren’t sure what caused the anemia. Nothing really looks good. Kassy may be on borrowed time, but the donor gave us that time. Time to attempt to figure out what is going on and with luck, treat it so she has a nice long life.

There isn’t any doubt that I’ll have another cat in my future. I plan on my pets being a part of the blood donor program going forward. It is just sad that a beloved family pet has to be euthanized because there isn’t any blood. It shouldn’t have to happen.


It is made as easy for the pets and owners as it can possibly be. Actually, it is very similar to humans donating blood. The difference is the health screening is given to the animal not the blood. There is no cost to the owner.

The pet gets free blood work and health screenings! So, you know your pet is healthy for free. Potentially catch issues early if there are any. Your pet gives blood three times that first year. They don’t ever take blood from a potentially sick animal and they don’t take blood unless your pet has had plenty of time to recover from the previous donation. All animals are monitored during the process and after.


Next time you take your pet to the vet ask them about it or give them a call.

Kashmir is currently still at the EV. We don’t know what is going on yet. She is finishing up tests and hopefully tomorrow I can bring her home. I visited her today though and she is already back to her old self again. The vet suspects that the condition is chronic which means it won’t go away, but again we don’t know for sure. Time and tests will tell.


Pre-Order Anaerfell Now!

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80 Years Before Melkorka – –

Drast, cunning but reckless, is on the hunt for admiration. Tyran, calculating but tactless, is in search of affection. Bound by a friendship thicker than blood, the two brothers have been hardened by their father’s ambitions. Drast and Tyran are forced to set aside their own hopes and dreams during their struggle to fulfill their father’s desire for immortality. The two will face skin-switchers and dragons, ultimately leading to a final clash with Wolos, God of the Dead.


Would you like to pre-order your paperback copy of Anaerfell? It is as easy as clicking the button below.

5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
380 pages
Crimson Edge Publishing Company
ISBN-13: 978-0986374562
ISBN-10: 0986374563
BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

  • The total cost (including s&h) is $15.99 USD.
  • Please make sure that your contact information is in your…

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The new and improved Fire Blessed.


Crystin reveals the second cover I made for her series. She has more freebies too! Plus, it’s her birthday. Go give her good wishes.

Originally posted on Crystin Goodwin:

Now, originally, I wanted to wait for this announcement. It feels like cheating to have two cover reveals in the same week … especially when I go weeks (or months!) in between posts.

That said, who in their right mind wants their covers within a series to not match? I mean, when a series has an obvious theme, don’t you want to make sure all your covers belong to the same theme? (You artsy types that prefer the eclectic look can hush – I’m validating myself. Don’t burst my bubble!)

So, without further ado, I present to you: the new and improved eBook cover for Fire Blessed!


Sigh … Magnificent, isn’t it? Once again, huge thanks to Winter Bayne for her incredible work! It even comes with a new cover pitch:

In UnBlessed, readers were introduced to the fiery-tempered Marius Caleo. Raised among Favored society, Marius has everything: wealth…

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