Meet A Wrimo: Elorenalory

I wanted to introduce you to a few Wrimo’s in my buddy list. It will give you an idea of what Nanowrimo can do for you.

The first is Elorenalory. I did Nanowrimo officially in 2013. I have no idea how we met, but she supported me almost every single day. We sent Nanomail back and forth about everything. We check in on each other. We cheered. We read one another’s drafts hot off the word processor. She still contacts me to this day even after she read Exodus Echo, which is the second worst writing I’ve done to date.

We both finished. It was phenomenal.

When I logged into Nanowrimo for 2014, there was a message from her waiting for me in my inbox.

This was my first attempt at writing a piece of fiction for others to read. It was my very beginning. I pants this story and had even less of an idea of what I was doing than I do now. If I had not had such a great experience, had people communicating to me, helping me, cheering me, then I doubt I would have finished. I doubt I would have written like that again.

I definitely would not have meet other writers or submitted a short story to BP or DKC on a whim.

Nanowrimo is a nurturing place. You find what you need there as long as you look.

Last Year Elorenalory was working on a futuristic detective story with a nice twist and fresh POV. This year she is working on a fantasy with mages and rune masters. She and I have similar experiences since Nano.

This is my second NaNoWriMo. I won the last one. It was also the very first novel I ever finished. I am still editing it, but I have been working on a lot of projects since then.

Last year’s NaNo launched my love for writing, and I have been at it non-stop all year round. I have several short stories and a novella in various stages of competition. And I have been lucky enough to have a short story published in an anthology.

This year, I will be a NaNo rebel, because I will be picking up and dusting off an old project that I put aside two years ago. I have about 25k words in it. My goal for NaNo is to add another 50k and, hopefully, finish the first draft.

And here is a quick blurb of her Fantasy story:

It was supposed to be a routine escort mission for battle mage Sky and his partner: escort a runemaster, wait for him to poke at the wardstones for a few hours, then portal back. Only the mission turned out to be a death trap. Now his partner is dead, the runemaster has had his brain fried, and Sky owes a life debt to a half-blood. 

But Sky has no time to deal with his guilt and hurt, because breaches open everywhere in the Kingdom and people start disappearing. The Order of Battle Mages needs to discover what or who is behind this before their Kingdom plunges back into the horrors of the Half-Blood war from the ashes of which it had risen three hundred years ago. Sky and his new partner will be in the thick of the events, whether they want it or not. 

So go give her a buddy invite, thank her for her support.

Elorenalory on Nanowrimo

And here is her blog on wordpress.

Because she is awesome.


It’s Alive!

Nanowrimo is live and rebooted. That is all I’m saying. I had nanomail I had to catch up on when I logged in today. I also have accumulated a few new buddies on there. Feel free to add me and I’ll stalk you for Nanowrimo. I’m carolinagrace at Nanowrimo.


Hallows Eve banner

Hallow’s Eve – when love comes home

I am again hosting Pippa Jay on her Hallow’s Eve Tour. She happens to be discussing a subject near and dear to my heart. Fae, especially the artwork of Brian Froud. I love how he leans a bit to the darker side and keeps them ethereal yet realistic. He also seems to lean heavily on folk lore instead of wishful thinking of children. I for one know faeries bite. What do you expect? They’re faeries! I must confess that my home too is covered in Froudian Fae. I tend to favor the Red Caps.

I’ve always had a thing about fairies. From a very early love of elves, to adoration of the Gelflings in The Dark Crystal (which led me to Brain Froud’s adorable fairies), to the goblins of Labyrinth, and imps and sprites in Master of the Five Magics by Lyndon Hardy. British folklore itself is full of various fairies and spirits of all types. I even joined the Brownies (I was a Gnome, but really wanted to be a pixie), and various ceramic, resin and wooden sprites adorn my house, as do books about fairies and goblins.

So when I started my Halloween themed paranormal and settled on a warlock as a hero, I gravitated naturally to a magical companion. Rather than go for a familiar (though Buster the dog might qualify) and inspired by Thimbletack from the Spiderwick Chronicles, I gave my hero a brownie. Not the cake-like chocolate confection, but a sub-genre of fairy (and though technically he objects to be called a fairy, he is one).

“All two feet of Hodge materialized on the nearby hall table. Skinny, his skin brown and speckled like a toad’s, but without the slime, the brownie had been the housekeeper for as long as Hal could remember.”


A brownie is a household spirit of the fairy/goblin sub group, found in Scotland and England—hence Hal refers to Hodge as the housekeeper. Traditionally, they prefer to be unseen and come out only at night, and the house elves of Harry Potter were based on the folklore of brownies. My description for Hodge came from imagining him as a rather toad like creature (more like a goblin) with a touch of Brian Froud’s fairies about him. He has magic of his own, but his service is tied to the house and family he’s served for several generations. Despite these magical bonds, he doesn’t hesitate in defying Hal when he believes his master to be wrong.

Do you have a favourite kind of fairy?

Hallow's EveBlurb: Twelve months ago, Hal’s world crashed and burned, taking the love of his life with it. He’s waited all year for that one special night when the souls of the departed come home, hoping his candle will summon back one in particular to heal his broken heart. But the forbidden knowledge he’s learned could call something far worse, and put more than his own soul at risk…

Coming 8th October, Hallow’s Eve will be available in all digital formats from Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, and most digital online retailers.


Buy Links:

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Website –!hallows-eve/c6fi

After spending twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay is now a stay-at-home mum who writes scifi and the supernatural. Somewherepippa along the way a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. In between torturing her plethora of characters, she spends the odd free moment playing guitar very badly, punishing herself with freestyle street dance, and studying the Dark Side of the Force. Although happily settled in the historical town of Colchester in the UK with her husband of 21 years and three little monsters, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head.

Pippa Jay is a dedicated member of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade, blogging at Spacefreighters Lounge, Adventures in Scifi, and Romancing the Genres. Her works include a YA science fiction novel—Gethyon—published through BURST (Champagne Books), a scifi romance novella—Tethered—published by Breathless Press, a YA paranormal romance—Restless In Peaceville—published by Lycaon Press, four self-published short stories (Terms & Conditions Apply, The Bones of the Sea, Reboot and Hallows Eve), and she’s one of eight authors included in a science fiction romance anthology—Tales from the SFR Brigade. She’s also a double SFR Galaxy Award winner, been a finalist in the Heart of Denver RWA Aspen Gold Contest (3rd place), and the GCC RWA Silken Sands Star Awards (2nd place).

You can stalk her at her website, or at her blog, but without doubt her favorite place to hang around and chat is on Twitter as @pippajaygreen.

You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Wattpad


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Back It On Up

It’s Fall Cleaning here at the Winter Bayne household. This means the vents get scrubbed along with the baseboards. Painting and organizing happens. Items are sorted and donated to GoodWill.

In prepping for the last push of the writing year, I’ve finally gotten around to organizing my writing. All my digital files are sorted and organized by book and series. Each one has its own folder.

Blank forms and publisher data has its own folder as well.

Everything has been duplicated in my back up locations. I currently carry my work around on a flash drive so I can easily work on my two in one as well as a desk top.

I still prefer my external hard drive as my primary back up even though I know it has flaws. Last year I lost everything to a massive lightening strike. It took out my desk tops and my external. Let’s just hope lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place.

I did however begin using DropBox and OneDrive. I can’t tell you which I prefer yet. I don’t typically access cloud storage when I’m off location, but hey I may need it one day. They’re free and offer around 2 GB storage. I only store notes, outlines, and the actual story there in a zip file. No graphics or large files. It should last for a long time.

Do yourself a favor and organize your writing files and set up your back ups before Nanowrimo. It is very quick and using the cloud storage is easy enough. Don’t wait to lose everything like I did.

Currently, I use my notebook for hand writing when pulling out the two in one is not appropriate.

Flash Drive called monkey tail. A very generous 8 GB that holds everything including some music.

Drop Box and One Drive to see which I prefer. This is my apocalypse storage should everything at home get singed and fried.

I also have a dedicated external drive. It was once an old hard drive from a previous computer long ago that I encased and hooked up to my current desk top.

I have tons of hand written notes that I’ve stapled and clipped together.

It’s about as organized as I will get right now with my writing.

Happy Nanowrimo prepping!