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Tiera – Edits are done, release date is tentatively set for Early 2015

Heroes for Hire: Striker is part of Breathless Press Secret Identities Anthology which is going to be in print as well as digital. Eventually it will be on Audible as well! This calls for a super squeeeee!  I’m beyond excited over this. West said he’s buying a few hundred copies. Um…we may need to scale that quantity back a little. Release date TBA.



Some features this month were Editors for Every Budget a list of links and resources. The followers seemed to like that one a lot. I’m glad it could help.

I shared my current thoughts on Author Platforms for new and hobby writers.

I also shared my thoughts on writing and updating an Author’s Bio.

I reviewed and recommend, Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure by Janice Hardy

And I celebrated Banned Books Week, mainly focusing on books that appealed to the kid in me.

Gained 344 of followers. Wow. Just…wow. That is a lot of new people in one month for me. I had no idea I was remotely that interesting.

These new followers came to me via Twitter and Facebook. The social medias almost tie with how many followers they’ve provided me this month. I was just being myself and I didn’t even interact as much as I would have liked. A few minutes here and there as I could.



Took a scene class this month and it went okay.

Also taking other classes now. October seems to be class month. I’m sure I’ll be talking about how overwhelmed I am later in the month.

I got around to updating my GoodReads by adding all the books I’ve been reading. It’s been mostly writing craft books and I’ve not been overly impressed with them or I would have left a review. They weren’t good for me and some I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Most are okay for new writers though. If you’re curious, you can check them out here at my GoodReads page.

Now with that said, I have a goal every year of reading at least 52 books. I’m currently at 81 books of various lengths. So, I’ve met my book goal and will continue to read writing craft books as well as other authors in my genre.

Run Club #’s

Princess Bella is winning….and that is all I’m going to say about that.

Shut up.


October’s Plan

I’m working with an editor. Lucky me!!! To prep for Nano and my last push before year’s end, I’m outlining and writing notes on every novel idea I’ve got. We’ll pick one and start getting our hands dirty on the story.

I’m also working on at least one short story. There is another one from left field I’m considering doing. Can I pull off a contemporary romance with some world building I know nothing about? If it pans out then I’ll let you know. I do love the titles I came up for it though.

I had hoped to provide a nice creepy horror story for October, but honestly I felt like it wasn’t very creepy. What can I say? I’m not a horror writer at the moment. So, if I am able, I’ll do a piece of flash fiction instead. We’ll see.

House re-do is coming along nicely. Downstairs except the garage is just about done. I’m finishing it up this week and the bathrooms are next on the list for October. The writing room is continually getting organized and is functional. I plan on purchasing noise canceling headphones to make my isolation complete.

I’m also planning a party for Bella’s 9th birthday. She’s a little ghoul.


New Releases & Features

Please check out this effort to raise money for Stand up 2 Cancer. You can donate items or purchase goodie baskets. As a NHL cancer survivor, I thank you.

Online auction to benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer

Online auction to benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer


D. Emery Bunn’s debut, Darkness Concealed is dark fantasy novel and was available as of Sept. 23rd.

Amelia Bishop’s Water Witch is a paranormal romance/erotica is available to buy from Amazon.

Mishka, a dear writer friend, has cranked out a new romance. Check out her cover reveal. It has some eye catching graphics.

Luther Siler who wrote the entertaining Benevolence Archives has a new novel coming, Skylights. You can see his nifty cover reveal and an excerpt on his blog. I love his bold colors on the cover.

Science Fiction Romance Quarterly is out and it is free!



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Got any plans for October?

Review: Planning Your Novel

Review of Planning Your Novel: Ideas and Structure by Janice Hardy

I don’t recommend writing craft books lightly. You can see from my GoodReads shelf that I’ve read 60 craft books this year. I haven’t mentioned many and I give star rating to ones I think deliver exceptional content.

This book delivers. In a sea of how to books on writing, each with repeated content, this book has more going for it than the majority.

First, she uses several examples to illustrate her points. The same three examples through the book. You get to see an idea unfold right in front of you.

A great walk through for your story concept.

A great walk through for your story concept.

Plus, the brainstorming questions really bring the concepts home and help you unfold your own story into a plot. She tackles the elements one by one and they merge to become a wonderful cohesive structure.

I would easily recommend this to any new writer. The reading is very clear and to the point. I didn’t get lost or frustrated.

I would also recommend this to someone who has a rough draft. It would make for a great walk through on developmental edits.

Don’t know what happens next? Give the brainstorming questions a try.

It is set up in a step by step guide but never pushes you to do it her way or the highway. You have plenty of room to find your own process.

I often have had doubts with an all inclusive “this is how you write a novel” type of book. The concept is way too big and there is so much information to consider for it to be packed into a single package. I think this one comes closest to giving writers a great start. It’s still over whelming but she broke it down beautifully.

In a nutshell, it has a lot of good stuff.

Janice Hardy is THE Janice Hardy of Fiction University, a website offering all kinds of great content. The tag line is Take your writing to the next level. I feel the website and this book can help do just that. Most writers republish their blogs into a book with out adding anything new or extra. This book is not like that. While I’m sure some bits of the advice and techniques can be found on Fiction University, the book is its own entity. It is not repackaged content from the blog.

If you’ve read it or a similar book, let me know your thoughts. Also, if you’re looking for more writing craft book recommends or reviews, feel free to follow me on GR. Fair warning, I read a lot of romance and erotica, but there are also other genres I dip into from time to time. :)

Last Thoughts on Banned Books


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Last thoughts on Banned Books Week

Much like other readers and writers, it boils my blood when I think of any library or bookstore actively excluding books based on content.

I respect readers’ right. Their right to not read something and to stop reading something. I respect their right to suggest that I not waste my time reading it. I respect their right to post negative reactions and persuasions on the work.


I adamantly respect their right to freedom of speech. It is one of the most precious rights we have; to express our thoughts and ideas.

I request that same right in return.

The concept that someone is filtering what information and ideas are available to me is disturbing. Never in our history of upright human beings has this ever been a good thing. At least nothing comes to mind when I consider censorship, even when it is the most stomach turning filth imaginable.

We are currently in a moment of time when anyone and I do mean anyone can write their ideas and make them available. I love this moment.

As someone who was a child and now is responsible for one, I know that I cannot shelter anyone from the bad things out there in the world. I don’t want to either. She has to know they’re there so when life happens, maybe she’ll be a bit more prepared. If someone wants to attempt to place their loved ones in a bubble, hey go for it.

That does not give you or anyone else the right to put me and mine in that same bubble. That right there is exactly where I become upset.

Schools excluding books off mandatory reading lists. Fine. I dislike the idea of those lists anyway.

Schools excluding books from libraries. Okay. I’ll deal.

Book stores and public libraries excluding them. I’m not really okay with that.

People attempting to stop a teen from distributing free copies of a “banned” book off school grounds…um yeah, I’m glad that worked out okay.

So, yes go celebrate the freedom to read what your heart chooses. Know that the author has used her right to free expression. You have every right to dislike the content and to stop reading at any moment. When that happens, celebrate everyone’s rights. It’s a beautiful thing.

Freedom of expression. Freedom of knowledge. Freedom of choice. Freedom of ideas and sharing. Freedom to find what works for your life.

Every time you pick up a book know that is a freedom.

Don’t take it lightly and don’t take it for granted. We still live in an age where others would love to filter what we are exposed to “for our own good.”


Banned Book: Scary Stories

scarystoriesThis is Read Banned Books Week. Celebrate the freedom that books bring us, by reading a banned book.

Next to Where the Sidewalk Ends, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was one of my multiple check outs from the Library.

I loved the creepy stories in this

Click the image provided by to learn more about banned books.

Click the image provided by to learn more about banned books.


I grew up on slasher films, not Disney. This book was more silly than anything else. I remember laughing while flipping pages.

However, this one is banned due to being “unsuitable for age group.” This means that the subject matter is above what children are capable of dealing with…I suppose. I’m just guessing here. I’m surprised it didn’t get the Satanism and Occult ban.

Anyway, I’m sure that children can handle it. They dream up more monsters that hide under their beds than are in this book. I swear the next time I go

camping, I’m taking this to read over and laugh. Bella orders from Scholastic and I may end up with this one on my shelf.

Which banned book is a childhood favorite of yours?

Debut Novel: Darkness Concealed

D. Emery Bunn has been chit chatting with me often over the last few months. I think I met him because of Nano. I don’t recall, but I have enjoyed his blog on editing and his constant Quotables-2---Prologuepositive outlook on writing. The man gets so excited over his work, it’s contagious.

I like him because he sets goals and works hard almost daily to achieve them. This particular goal has been on the horizon and it is finally here. His debut novel, Darkness Concealed.

I’m happy to help congratulate Emery on his accomplishment and can’t wait for reader reactions.

It’s a fitting title as it is on the darker side of reading. If that doesn’t deter you then I suggest giving it a look. If you read it be sure to leave a review!

Darkness_Concealed_cover-(300x188)50 years ago, the world ended. Again. It’s a simple fact that everyone in Telthan knows:one day every 149 years, the dawn won’t come, monsters will murder all but a precious few, and civilization will be destroyed. No one questions the Darkening.

That is, until four strangers set off in search of answers, braving a forbidden city, a forgotten library, and foreboding mountains for the truth that has to exist. But the past does not give up its secrets easily, and the truth is far darker than the blackest night.