Flash Fiction Serial: Shades of August Pt. Two

Shades of August Part Two

Continued Flash Fiction Free Write inspired by Writing Room 101 August Prompt.

Part One can be found here.

August was accustomed to being assaulted with the stench on the Kith vessel so her brain unconsciously recognized the scent of cooked meat and spices before she processed the information from her senses. Having missed her daily meal, her empty stomach loudly protested being in the presence of real food.

A view of a buffet counter littered with unknown but enticing dishes filled her vision. For over three years she had eaten processed nutrition and had worse than that back on Earth when she did find food. The temptation was too much to ignore.

Peaking over Madison’s shoulder, she observed the Kith and Dak aliens in a heated debate and completely ignoring everything else. Madison locked eyes with August and moved her head in a negative motion. August took a step backwards towards the counter despite her friend’s objection.

Before her was mostly food she had never seen or maybe it had been so long she didn’t remember, but her stomach and brain knew this was food. Without hesitation she started pinching off purple tinted meat from a steaming tray. The morsel burned her tongue and she swallowed without fully tasting the spices.

“What are you doing?” Madison asked in a whisper.

“Shoving as much as I can into my mouth before they can stop me of course,” August replied around a mouthful of food. “Oh, you’ve got to try this one. It reminds me of cloves.”

“You haven’t had real food in over three years.”

“I know and I’m not going another minute when I have this buffet. I forgot how great it is to actually eat and enjoy it.”

“You have no idea what this stuff is, not to mention that you are no longer accustomed to anything except bland basic nutrition. You’ll make yourself sick.” Madison grabbed her friend’s hand before she could toss more food into her open mouth.


A statuesque Dak Mara guard interrupted their squabble, “No continue consuming the Tark. All this food was meant for you as a gift.”

“See there, it was meant as a gift.” August sucked at her spice covered index finger.

“No such thing as gifts.” Madison made direct eye contact with the alien.

“It is a gift from the Commander,” He insisted.

“I’ll pass, thanks.” She turned her attention from August who was eyeing a new platter back to the group of aliens on the far side of the room.

August shrugged, “Suit yourself. I’m moving on to this orange stuff here. Smells sweet.”

“There are eating utensils if you like.” The guard pointed to a plastic piece on the table.

August picked up a black knob the Dak alien pointed to, and a glowing blue light materialized from the handle. She did not wish to appear ignorant so she handed the item to Madison.

“Help yourself.”

Madison palmed the tool and the blue light dissipated, “I said I’ll pass on the food.”

After another shrug, she returned to the brightly colored orange roots that were artfully arranged on a silver plate. August tilted her head and popped a piece of the root in her mouth. Instantly, her mouth felt like it was enduring a chemical burn and she sucked in a gulp of air. She fanned her face as heated blood rushed under her skin. Madison ignored her even as August’s eyes pooled with tears.

Another species had entered the room. These new males resembled Wahg, only they were much fiercer if that was possible. Their bristles were prominent along their backs and their jaws hung crooked from the abundance of teeth protruding through parted lips. Growls, clicks, and hisses rumbled through the room. The aliens were in a fairly heated debate. Madison knew it was about them.

The Dak Mara guard broke her concentration, “Are you sure you don’t wish to eat?”

“What is going on?” she pointed towards the growing gathering of species.

The guard turned from staring at August who was now in a coughing fit, “Their negotiating.”

“Negotiating what?”

August punched Madison’s shoulder to gain her attention.

“Oh walk it off already, August.”

“Your price.”


“The Kith are selling you in order to repair their engines. You two seem to bring a fairly high price. I believe they brought the Farwn in as a way to create a bidding war between them and the Commander.”

August wiped at the tears streaming down her face. A series of hiccups issues from her and echoed off the metal walls.

“Oh for crying out loud, Gus.” Madison pushed the Dak Mara guard out of her way as she reached for a pitcher of dark purple liquid.

It spilled as she pushed it at her distressed friend. “Drink something.”

Leaving August to drink between hiccups, Madison turned to the Dak guard. “The Dak Mara don’t hold games like the Kith or the Farwn. What do they want with us?”

“Of that I’m not sure. The Commander didn’t say.” The guard arched an eyebrow at August, “Are you sure your friend is well?”

Madison watched as August nearly jumped with each hiccup. Her face was bright red except where uncontrollable tears had left white splotches.

“She hates your gift.”

“That won’t do. The Commander wanted to you both fed.”

“Yeah well, we are definitely not pleased.”

Before Madison could finish the sentence the guard strode in the direction of the group of noisy aliens. August’s high pitched hiccups reverberated through the air.

“Try holding your breath.” Madison said to her friend behind her but never taking her eyes off the guard as he crossed the room.


Really no idea where I’m going with this. Any suggestions ;)

The Catalyst

Exodus Echo : Act One The Catalyst

A sci fi serial that is the backstory for a novel I have bouncing in my head.

Rated : Violence, profanity

A white hot shaft of fear pierced through her, and still she stood defiant and strong in the face of danger.


Alina did not have anything to use as a weapon against the company guard blocking her path along the catwalk leading to the shuttle. Even without his exoskeleton armor, he would out match her. She was an engineer not a soldier. Her heart rushed into her throat as the heat of fear turned into cold panic.

The muscles in her left leg began to tremble and for a moment she felt as if she would not be able to stand. The leather backpack she carried slid from her shoulder and down her arm to rest in the crook of her elbow. Instinctively, she cradled it with her opposite arm to protect the contents which were more precious to her than her own life.

Alina bit down on the inside of her lips to prevent from smiling. “You’re going to want to get out of my way.”

A voice distorted by the helmet answered, “Can’t see that happening, but I can see you coming back with me to the home office. Where’s your sister? I know she is in on this foolishness too.”

Alina’s hand snaked its way into the pack and grasped a small cylinder.

“Nasty stuff. Don’t get any on you.” She bluffed as she withdrew the vial.

The blue green sludge glistened. The red lights lining the catwalk gave the contents a sinister appearance. Alina couldn’t have hoped for any better given the circumstances. She gently shook it at the company guard and held it in front of her. His visor shielded his eyes and facial expression, but he gave away his doubt. He stiffened his back and shifted his weight to his heels.

“Think a little tube of gunk is going to scare me?”

“I think it should. This gets out and it will ruin your night.” Her fingers let the slender container slip before she clamped down on the glass, preventing it from hitting the metal bridge between the elevator and the shuttle.

“You’ve had way too much free time on your hands lady. Cooked up some toxic shit and attempting to steal the company’s property.”

The voice was familiar. It was the shift guard that worked in the same sector as her laboratory. His name was John or maybe it was Jake. She couldn’t recall. Whenever she worked nights he was there poking around and teasing her for being focused on her work.

“They’re not property and after tonight they’ll be free.”

“Traitor bitch.”

The guard’s weight shifted forward and she hurled the glass vial at his chest before he could make a move towards her. The leather pack landed on the walk way and she took off at a full run towards him. Swirls of hair flew into her face obscuring her vision. Frantic rustling penetrated through the wind and she heard rigid exoskeleton armor hitting metal. Her shoulder hit his uncovered abdomen and they both tumbled. His stale breath laced curses in between sharp inhales of air.

Alina scrambled to get off of him. She clawed at the metal floor of the bridge before an iron grip encased her calf. The guard’s fingers dug into her skin. Out of instinct she kicked at his covered head. His tactical armor clanged against the railing, but she didn’t stop. Her boot found his vulnerable ribs. She delivered a blow backed with all of her force. His rib gave and snapped. The sound coupled with feeling his body fracture made Alina’s stomach clinch.

On all fours she crawled to her leather bag. She felt the soft, worn leather in her hands as she heard heavy staggers. The guard was wheezing but managed to get his feet under him and rise. She pulled herself up as well and slung her pack at his head. It caught him square in the throat. He let out desperate gasp for air before collapsing backwards and tumbling over the railing.

Alina stared at the place where he had stood. Wind whipped her hair across her vision again. The man hadn’t made a sound after going over the rail. She never imaged death could be so quick or silent. The only sound around her was a gentle hum of shuttle engines and the sharp whistle of air currents. She wasn’t an engineer anymore. She was the catalyst for a rebellion. A traitor to her own race and a murderer.

Alina never heard Malaro’s heavy footfalls echoing behind her.


This is inspired by Featured Fiction’s weekly prompt. I’ll miss the cut off for linking, but that is what I get for misplacing the flash drive.

New Release: Water Witch

I met Amelia on a crit group. She is brave enough to type out her rough drafts in the upload box and send it away with out hesitation. I’m not that brave people. I read some parts of this new book of hers back then. Now it’s coming to light. I’m happy for Amelia on her new release Water Witch, a paranormal M/M romance.

waterwitchCheck out her new cover! Please help an author out by clicking one of the social media share buttons at the bottom of the page.

Also you can purchase this book along with her other stories at Amazon.

Stalk her on her blog, which she recently tweaked. I love it.

Stayed tuned for next week when she guest posts here.

Vincenzo is a witch with a short fuse, a sexy smile, and a dirty mouth.

Life demands little from Vincenzo. Treasured by his mother and grandmother, protected by his coven, and blessed with precognitive skills, he grew up happy and carefree in his snug home by the bay.
Then a dangerously attractive Fae walks into his house to steal his beloved heirlooms, and into his dreams to steal his heart. Meanwhile, haunting visions of an unknown disaster on the horizon shake his secure world and force him to take responsibility for the first time in his life.
Now he must master his witchcraft, temper his impulsiveness, and listen to his heart.

It’s time for this witch to grow up.


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When am I not drinking coffee?

Gene invited me to coffee. It wasn’t a specific to me invitation because we don’t know each other like that. You can join in too.

I’d make small talk. I’m horrible at it, but it’s expected so I do it.

I’m in my second round of edits for one of my short stories that will be published. So far painless.

I’m waiting for the next step for my other story that will be published. I’m so excited.

My goal is to have four publications for this year, but I’m not sure I’ll make it. I’m not giving up, but I am being realistic.

See, I’ve got my parents and West. They’re my family and require my time. Then I added Bella and we’re in the first week of school. I’m trying to get my land legs with her, my new and never done before role of parent, and the new role of going to be published. I’m literally squeezing as many minutes from my day to write, edit, be online social, and read. I made an excel spreadsheet schedule to find mis-used time.

I love the idea that I have no freakin’ idea what I’m doing in any of these adventures. I’m stumbling around and hope I get a few things right.

I’m re-doing the house on top of all this because well, I suppose I have issues with over committing myself. No idea what I’m doing with that either.

And does anyone know if I take a drawing from the original horrific packaging will it devalue the piece? I have a comic drawing that is protected by a rough cut cardboard back and sort of shrink wrapped. I want to frame it and put it in the writing room. I have no idea what if anything the art is worth, nor do I feel inclined to find out. I suppose I’ll frame it so it makes me happy.

I would not go on to tell you a bunch of things rattling in my head. Instead, I’d go on to ask about your story or your work.

Then I’d end it with me talking about how excited I am about my playful story Heroes for Hire coming out eventually. That I can’t wait to do some flash fiction. That I miss interacting with some of the writers I’m fond of here. That I can’t believe they chit chat with me because I don’t write in their genre. That they ask me for help or input. That they take me semi-seriously.

That I’m working on the next story for Heroes and maybe a fairy tale or two. I had no idea I’d be writing this stuff. I wanted to lean more towards romance, but I must say that I am having fun. I need a little fun in my life.

And then to really make sure the conversation ended, I’d start talking about my knitting and yarn because that bores the daylights out of just about everyone. It would motivate you to go make a dentist appointment or something just to get away. ;)

New Release Taming the Raven’s Son

TamingTheRaven'sSonTaming the Raven’s Son

Kathleen Lash


Galactic Lust, Book Four

Sage needs a vacation from her grueling responsibilities as CEO. After years of service, she spends one luxurious day away before she’s kidnapped and sold into submission. The only events in her immediate future appear to be pain and torture in a dungeon of sexual perversity.

Jacob Ryker and his people have been enslaved for nearly fourteen months. In a perverse move of control, his captor gifts him with a fire-haired woman to train in the ways of submission. But Jacob plans to regain control of his remote outpost and he cannot afford to be distracted now—and Sage is nothing if not a distraction. If they are both to survive the coming days, Jacob and Sage must reach an agreement and act the part of a Master and meek under the watchful eyes of a brutal captor. As they navigate their unusual relationship, both come to realize the biggest danger to their future may just be the unexpected love between them.

A Romantica® science fiction erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

You can buy your own copy at Ellora’s Cave:  http://www.ellorascave.com/taming-the-raven-s-son.html


This isn’t making my TBR list any smaller…