Primal Winter

Starting this week, I’m going strict Primal. I’d say I’m going strict Paleo, but I can’t give up my Greek yogurt. It is the one food I look forward to so much. It will be my one “vice.” I’ll try to eat less of it though until I find a Paleo food that I love as much as Greek yogurt.

I’ve been Primal for about two years now, but from time to time it gets shifted back to traditional food pyramids. It just slides into Low Carb which isn’t exactly Primal or Paleo. Time to get back on track for a while.

I’m dragging West and Bella with me. West also does low carb, but caves in for bread on occasion. Bella is a carbaholic, veggie hater. This is going to be tough.

Normally, I’m a very simplistic eater. I don’t need anything fancy. Just grill some meat and steam some veggies. Bella is going to miss her little higher carb foods. All of us want some grab and go items, especially breakfast.

When switching eating plans, I start with breakfast.

Paleo Apple Muffins

Blueberry Paleo Bars

Hot Fudge Paleo Bars

Along with a nice Paleo Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking up a batch or two of these. See how they go over with the two backsliders. And I’ll be honest with you. I don’t want to lose the links, so I’m tossing them on the blog :)


December’s Workout Plan

I had a few requests to share my work out plan, so I thought I’d toss it on the blog.

I went to my notes from when I did body building and that is what I’m using. This is how I started.

Diet & Eating Alterations

Aim for 140 grams of protein

4-6 serving of veggies which should not include corn or starches. No bread and no rice. No sugary sauces or additions.

1 serving of fruit

Eat six times a day

64 ounces of water minimum

20 grams of protein up to one hour before working out
20 grams of protein with in 30 minutes after work out

I averaged 1400 calories eating this way.

The Work out Plan

Cardio such as walking or jogging 4 times per week.

Abs & Core 5 times per week

Weight Lifting 1-2 times per week to start. Ideally this would be 3-4 times a week, but I have a new 9 year old, work a full time job and I’m writing plus it is the holidays. I’m not body building. This will do fine for kicking my tail back into being more fit.

I know I can get in at least one full body work out per week.

The other work out will depend on the events happening, but I know from experience I can easily squeeze in a half work out in 30 minutes maximum. I do not mess around in the gym. I’m in and out. I do circuits which means I complete one set of exercise A then move to exercise B. Normally I switch back and forth between two before moving on to the next set of moves, but there have been times when someone is occupying the equipment I may need. So, I do not stop and I move on to the next exercise. There is no rest period between sets. I get the time it takes me to set up for the next exercise which is at most 30 seconds. My muscles get a rest while I work a separate muscle group.

Upper Body

Tricep Extension
Bicep Curl
Lat Pulldown
Cable Row

Lower Body

Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Leg Press or Weighted Squat
Weighted Lunge
Weighted Calf Raise

A full body work out is a combination of these two. I didn’t list weights. No idea what I can do so I’ll have to find out when I hit the gym.

Abs & Core

I love my Bosu and it gave me good results in the beginning and all the way through my program.

Bosu crunches
Bosu Planks
Russian Twists
Elevated/Platform Leg Raise & Hold (No idea what to call this)

25bfThere you go. My program. It let me drop 11% body fat in two months. I won’t get the same results because I’m not as aggressive this round, but it will be plenty.

Aiming for 20% BF, but it’s a wait and see type of goal. Curious to see what the progress curve will be.

I attempt to post almost daily work outs and data on facebook.

Don’t ask me what West’s work out plan is. I have no idea. I know he does cardio five days a week and core work five days a week.

Having Coffee with Gene

Gene, I’m so glad your grandson had a great time at Disney. Not even getting sick can make those memories dismal. Bella loved her trip to Disney and I got so much joy from seeing her happy.

I’m attempting one last writing push for 2014 to make some goals I had set several months back. I started off okay, but life always finds ways to throw in surprises. I’m a creature of routine and having a 9 year old and aging parents does not make for routines no matter how much I try. I get flustered and out of sync when my routine doesn’t go as planned.

I went back to my personal goal when chaos interrupts which is 300 words per day no matter what. Even so few words in the busiest of times made a difference.

I am hoping the official paperwork for the adoption gets off to everyone this week.

We’re starting to make plans for Thanksgiving. I’m cooking for everyone but we’re having it at the grandparents. Christmas I cook again but we’ll have it here since that holiday in my family is for children.

My mother has always told me what my gifts would be, even when I was young. Do you get useless appliance gifts? I’ll have to find a spot for the ones coming my way. Usually we don’t do gifts at all, but for some reason I’m getting something this year.

I made huge progress turning my house around for the 9 year old addition and general fall de-clutter and cleaning. I’m not thrilled about another item to take space on my new organized kitchen counter.

I’m going back to lifting weights, but not body building this week. West is chomping at the bit, ready to get back to the gym. I had originally planned on starting back in December after this writing binge, but he really wants to start now.

Adding in more items for the agenda has me wondering how I’ll fit everything in my days and what my goals should be for 2015. One thing I know I need to do is streamline some of this social media and such. My email is a disaster.

I’d chit chat more, but I need to go for paycheck job. Glad you’re back.