Merging Craft Philosphies

In the 1960’s a weaving movement started in Japan called Saori. I love the philosophy behind it and I want to share it so you can embrace Nanowrimo.

May I introduce SaShōsetsu

Sa means “each thing has its own unique quality”

Shōsetsu is “novel or story” If the translator is working correctly that is.

There are four pillars I’m borrowing from Saori for SaShōsetsu.

People are not Machines

Each person is an individual. We do not attempt to live up to other people’s expectations or standards. We may attempt to avoid mistakes, but it’s okay and part of our individuality when there are missed elements. It makes us and our work unique.


Toss away preconceptions. This is a safe place to push our boundaries. Create new realities.

Write Happy

Happiness is a choice, so sit down to write and choose to be happy before you hit the keyboard. Everything changes. It will show in your writing.

Learn as a Group

Every person is a student and every person is a teacher. We write together and we are better for it.

Anyone can do this. There are no rules and there are no mistakes. You just sit and create.

Even if you aren’t doing Nanowrimo, you can still pick up these philosophies and write your true self into your story. For more information on Saori you can visit the link. There are pretty pictures too.

Uno Mas

This past weekend I have been in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC with fellow knitters and spinners. I’ve finished one scarf for Bella’s birthday and have started on the Christmas scarves. Started spinning a textured art yarn and will hopefully finish it before I go back to work writing tomorrow.

Just one more day to play in my textile world with no writing or anything else. If you were a spinner, then you’d know this is a bundle of awesome. I can’t wait to dive into it.



Venison Roast Recipe

Crock pots are my friend during Nanowrimo (or any day really). Pair that with a friend who was kind enough to give me his first kill of the season since I’m sidelined from hunting this year and you get a Nanowrimo Crock Pot Venison Roast.

This particular deer was fairly young and small, so I am not worried about a gamey taste.

Oil inside the crock pot

Toss in roast

Top with sliced & cored apples and onions. Personally, I love garlic but West is not a fan. I still sneak some in. Onion powder and what ever else in spices I feel like. West is also not a fan of sweet and savory, but this doesn’t taste sweet. I don’t taste the apples. I just taste the yum.

6 hours later I take out onions and toss in some beef stock to make a sauce.

I also do a Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce combo with black pepper, beef stock and dehydrated onions. Top with fresh sliced onions too. Cook it as wet or dry as you like.

I don’t ever think of taking pictures. I only think of eating. Sorry.

Meet A Wrimo: Elorenalory

I wanted to introduce you to a few Wrimo’s in my buddy list. It will give you an idea of what Nanowrimo can do for you.

The first is Elorenalory. I did Nanowrimo officially in 2013. I have no idea how we met, but she supported me almost every single day. We sent Nanomail back and forth about everything. We check in on each other. We cheered. We read one another’s drafts hot off the word processor. She still contacts me to this day even after she read Exodus Echo, which is the second worst writing I’ve done to date.

We both finished. It was phenomenal.

When I logged into Nanowrimo for 2014, there was a message from her waiting for me in my inbox.

This was my first attempt at writing a piece of fiction for others to read. It was my very beginning. I pants this story and had even less of an idea of what I was doing than I do now. If I had not had such a great experience, had people communicating to me, helping me, cheering me, then I doubt I would have finished. I doubt I would have written like that again.

I definitely would not have meet other writers or submitted a short story to BP or DKC on a whim.

Nanowrimo is a nurturing place. You find what you need there as long as you look.

Last Year Elorenalory was working on a futuristic detective story with a nice twist and fresh POV. This year she is working on a fantasy with mages and rune masters. She and I have similar experiences since Nano.

This is my second NaNoWriMo. I won the last one. It was also the very first novel I ever finished. I am still editing it, but I have been working on a lot of projects since then.

Last year’s NaNo launched my love for writing, and I have been at it non-stop all year round. I have several short stories and a novella in various stages of competition. And I have been lucky enough to have a short story published in an anthology.

This year, I will be a NaNo rebel, because I will be picking up and dusting off an old project that I put aside two years ago. I have about 25k words in it. My goal for NaNo is to add another 50k and, hopefully, finish the first draft.

And here is a quick blurb of her Fantasy story:

It was supposed to be a routine escort mission for battle mage Sky and his partner: escort a runemaster, wait for him to poke at the wardstones for a few hours, then portal back. Only the mission turned out to be a death trap. Now his partner is dead, the runemaster has had his brain fried, and Sky owes a life debt to a half-blood. 

But Sky has no time to deal with his guilt and hurt, because breaches open everywhere in the Kingdom and people start disappearing. The Order of Battle Mages needs to discover what or who is behind this before their Kingdom plunges back into the horrors of the Half-Blood war from the ashes of which it had risen three hundred years ago. Sky and his new partner will be in the thick of the events, whether they want it or not. 

So go give her a buddy invite, thank her for her support.

Elorenalory on Nanowrimo

And here is her blog on wordpress.

Because she is awesome.