Heroes for Hire
Heroes for Hire

I had this quandary of what to do with the erotic short I had published with Breathless Press. I had decided to expand on the concept and write an erotic romance. However, I still had this short story languishing on my hard drive.

After a shaky formatting experience, I decided to upload it to Amazon. This way I could have an author page still and not feel like I was back at square one suddenly.

Five minutes later I have a cover. Sorry to say formatting takes me longer than making a cover these days. I see a need to establish templates for both Scrivener and Word. I’ll work on that. This project will probably need further tweaks as I find them.

I’ve already corrected a few formatting issues.

So, the story if you did not get it from Breathless is available on Kindle Unlimited as well as Amazon.

I never wrote this story to make money, so I’m sure I’ll be doing giveaways. Heck sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get it emailed to you as soon as the formatting passes inspection.

I can’t thank everyone enough for cheering me on and supporting me.


Release day celebrations!


New release prezzies and you can see some book markers I made.

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So, first I’d like to apologize: I originally planned on posting this yesterday, but I ran into some snags at work. Let’s just say my 6 hour day turned into 13 …

That aside, welcome fair readers! We’re now on the eve of launch day forFire Blessed, the second novel in my Blessings of Myrillia series! *cue frantic shrieking* Guys, I’m so ridiculously excited for this. I’ve put so much love and effort into this book and I justcan’t waitfor all of you to experience it!

I have a few promotions and surprises I’ve been saving for this week. Most of you already knew about the Goodreads giveaway, which ended with an amazing 436 entries! Wow. That’s 436 people who, at the very least, were interested enough in the book to try for a free copy. I don’t even think Iknow 436 people. The five…

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A little more progress

 Writing Progress

Since my last post, I’ve added 4,404 new fiction words to Striker and Shade. That’s the good news. The less than glowing happy news is most of those words will be completely redone in revisions and then the edits. They are there though and I managed to force my writing back into my days. This has yet to happen on a consistent basis since Princess moved in with us and I started making graphics. So, it is welcome no matter what.

The original plan for Act One was to be around 5-7k. I’m not finished with it yet. I need to add a lot more words to connect and fill out the scenes. Then I’ll need to remove a bunch and do a lot of rewording. It’s still too early to know if I’ll hit the mark, but one thing I decided when I was re-working the short story was that I would not be limited by word counts. It would be as long as it needed to be.

Total New Fiction Words 6217

I was so into the moment, I didn’t track the time it took but I do know it didn’t take me 4 hours to get the new fiction words. I’m well above the 1k writing average. Killing it words per hour wise!

After the Princess has moved out from my home, I’ll be back out of the mancave and can have a distraction free writing space again. I think that will help a lot.

Quickies – On the short story front, I’ve got an idea and an outline formed.

Co-writing/ Ghost Writing – I’ve completely butchered a writer friend’s story. I mean it. It’s dismantled. I don’t think she’ll thank me for it, but we’ll see. Now, I need to smooth out all the mess I’ve made with the story. I ended up with over 1k in butchering. She’ll have to fluff it out and fill it to finish smoothing that first half.

So, I got in about 5k new words of fiction! Can you believe it? I can’t. No way I can keep this up, but I’ll certainly enjoy it while it’s here.


One book marker promotional item down. As far as I know I’m all caught up on book covers and graphics. It’s a very nice feeling. It means less distraction from my writing. I use graphics to procrastinate at times.

#Writerproblem solved

What does an author do when her small press closes shop? Well, she could easily immediately republish the original story in a matter of days, but instead she starts revising the erotic short into a longer erotic romance.

Session One
New Fiction Words:1037
Average Words per Hour: 1555
I was interrupted in this session by West who was all curious as to my writing process. So, this is just a guess.

Session Two
New Fiction Words:356
Average Words per Hour: 1068
Straight typing, working some dialogue.

Session Three
New Fiction Words:320
Average Words per Hour: 640
WPH dropped off as I become more unsure of what exactly happens next and I uncover a large plot hole I need to fill.

Session Four
New Fiction Words: 490
Average Words per Hour: 624
Yup winding down as I piece elements together. Time to call it a break and walk away.

1 hr 50 mins
New fiction words 1921
Current Average WPH : 1047
Let’s see if I can’t increase the WPH. I’ll be pre-planning the next few scenes and going back to previous scenes adding in new details as I think on them a good bit.