Why I stop reading a book

For this post, I’m going to pretend this is a new author (I’m reading several new to me authors right now), it’s a genre I love, the back blurb has my attention, the first few pages give me a good feeling about the plot and characters.

The biggest killer is droning internal dialogue or description. Honestly, more than two paragraphs and I get bored. Sprinkle it in between characters talking. Keep it short, break it up.

You told me everything. Unanswered questions are why I flip pages. Only tell me what I HAVE to know and nothing more.

Characters that are too stupid to live. If they keep making stupid mistakes, then you better bring the best plot ever.

And this one kind of goes with the first. As the story progresses I imagine what I’d do in the character’s shoes. If it is too far from what I would do then it doesn’t feel believable. Not always something that makes me put a book down, but it is possible.
Door mats fall in this category. The character better get some self-respect fast. I don’t care what her/his backstory is.

Don’t lose me. Randomly jumping scenes, jumping time, jumping heads. Along these lines, don’t have too many proof reading errors. It is so easy to do this when I write. Make sure you give the story to someone who has never heard of your plot. Have them mark questions or comments as they go. These situations pull me out of the story. One or two aren’t bad, but string too many together and I’ll switch to a story I can follow. And you fantasy & sci fi peeps that I love to read, let’s not get crazy with a new language or funny names I can’t pronounce.

Nothing happens…I actually read several stories where nothing happened. Literally…it boggled my mind. There wasn’t an antagonist…no drama…and no story. Happens a good bit with short stories.

Formatting, if I can’t get around it. I don’t like zero space between lines. If the text is too crowded, I can’t read it. Give a dyslexic chic a break.

So, I guess I’m a bit more forgiving than the people in the previous post that I reblogged.
Pretend you have a book, it’s a genre you love…the plot feels decent, the characters aren’t flat. What would make you stop reading?

Why Readers Stop Reading a Book.

Lit World Interviews

Recently, we here at LitWorldInterviews.com conducted a survey, “Why do you put a book down?” and through the assistance of the writing community we had a very nice response. Now it’s time to share what we found.

First, I want to say why the survey was conducted. We wanted to help writers by giving them the information they most need. If a reader takes the time to check out your book and don’t like it, they are unlikely to give you a second chance with your next work. First impressions mean a lot.

86.30% of those responding were Female, thus leaving the remaining 13.70% Male. Considering the majority of those reading novels are Female, although not quite this extreme, I’m comfortable with sharing what we found.

There were 34 sub-categories as a result of the survey. Those results were then placed into 5 main categories: Writing, Editing, Proofreading, Taste, and…

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I Was Wrong About Ellora’s Cave

38 Caliber Reviews

Another author, Alyssa Breck, asks that readers not buy her books that are published by Ellora’s Cave. Reblogged from her site.

Warning: When I’m pissed off, I cuss like a drunk sailor on a weekend pass so this post will be riddled with profanity.

My penchant for wanting to believe the best in people has bitten me in the ass one too many times. So, I’m breaking my silence on the Ellora’s Cave debacle. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to contract my first book with EC. At the time, they had a great reputation for not only paying royalties on time but paying early. Fuck yeah! I thought I finally got my foot in the door with a legitimately successful publishing company. My unabashed glee was short-lived when that first book was published. I started hearing grumblings about late royalties. I didn’t want to believe that…

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Five days to go!

Crystin Goodwin

I know, I know: you guys are probably sick of hearing from me. I promise not to spam too much this week, but I’m seriously excited here.

My third novel comes out in five days!

Seriously, if you told me just three years ago that I would have written and published one book, I would have been flattered but skeptical. I mean, I’m pretty scatterbrained and generally have a pretty short attention span when it comes to hobbies. And writing a book is not only hard, but time consuming: requiring me to set time aside from my fun hobbies like reading and gaming to actually put words on paper.

I’m pretty darn proud of myself for sticking to this writing thing. Not only that, but I think my books are getting better! Well, I suppose anything would improve with practice; I can’t imagine why writing would be any different.

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Final day for a free eBook!

Crystin Goodwin

Today marks the last day you can pick up your free kindle copy of Fire Blessed, the second book in my Blessings of Myrillia series … So head over to Amazon before it’s too late!

Not only is Fire Blessed a great book, it also happens to be my longest (so far), which means you’re getting a great deal when you snag it for free. Over 500 pages of intrigue, action, and a sweet love story … like this:

Renelle groaned, closing her eyes as she buried her face in her hands. Oh, Spirits help her. All this time, she thought she had been so careful. Had been practical, excusing her feelings because he gave her a place to live. A reason to live. She gave a hysterical laugh. Oh, he gave her a reason to live, all right. It just wasn’t the same as it was seven years…

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Fire Blessed Excerpt

Fire Blessed is free. Grab it. Reader’s Choice 5 star review.

Crystin Goodwin

The other day, I mentioned that Fire Blessed was my favorite novel in the series (again, gasp!) A good portion of that is due to the character development that went into this book. My two favorite characters of all time receive their spotlight in this book – so much spotlight I almost feel bad for theactual main characters of the series. However, since the backstory of these two characters play a major role in upcoming events, I feel justified in my choices.

One of the characters, Marius Caleo, is my all-time favorite character in the series. Oh, sure, my others jump up to the same level occasionally, but there’s just something about my loveable jerk that always brings me back. (Spoiler alert, Marius isn’t exactly a nice guy. He’s a bad boy. Whether or not he gets redeemed is still up in the air …)

Here’s an excerpt…

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