July Camp Nano Progress

Life is making it difficult to get sleep and write…

in the meantime read this nifty post by Emery. He replies to The Guardian’s article on self published writers.

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9 thoughts on “July Camp Nano Progress

  1. About the article: the Big Five (Four, Three …) are getting nasty aren’t they? They can cast their slings and arrows at self-pubbers, but they really, really don’t get that the people who matter, the readers, don’t give a tinkers cuss about who publishes what they want to read, they just want to read it.


    1. Wow, preach it! As a reader, I love the flood gates open. I’ve found so many wonderful stories & authors. Traditional publishing is a mild form of censorship to me. I want all the options. Let me decide what I like and what I spend my money on😉


      1. Sadly I couldn’t make it to Camp this time. I’m being kept under lock and key in a dungeon lol. Too bad… I was looking forward to pranking everyone while you slept in your tents. 😛


  2. I am so amazed that you manage to write and keep up with everything else going on in your life. It sounds like you are at the start of many amazing journeys but it also sounds exhausting. You’re truly an inspirational person and clearly a dedicated writer. I wish you all the best this month.


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