Editors for Every Budget

And yes, I do indeed mean every budget. Even the ramen noodle budget.

Authors trying to get into publishing houses or writers wanting to self publish grapple with the editor dilemma. I personally think they are well worth the investment. One of the biggest investments when it comes to publishing right along with book covers (if you happen to be self publishing).

Editors are demi-gods, just don’t tell them that before they review your work. 😉

This week alone I’ve been asked by three different writers about editors they could possibly use. It’s happening more and more now for some reason. Here is my generic response and you’ll probably find something here to assist you.

The editor I’ve used is James of Story Medic. I can’t promise he’s cheap, but I do enjoy working with him. I got accepted twice by publishing houses didn’t I? I didn’t do it alone that is for sure.  I recommend him in this post and he is listed in my writing resources. I have no idea if he is available for edits currently. One way to find out is to send him an email.

Emery Bunn is a meticulous editor and writer. He has a cost matrix he is working on to give you an idea of what he may charge. Key in your word count and hit enter. Everything is negotiable and he is open to trades. Taylor Grace used his services to polish her self published book. She provides a reference here.

Tempest Rose also edits. I must say, on the cheap too! If James is ever too busy I may be coming to her. Sorry, I am a blog follower of hers 😉

Michelle once said she was interested in doing edits.

EB Thompson is an English major. She might be willing to do some editing. Get with her on her fee and availability.

Tess Grant recommends Christine Allen-Riley Christine.allenriley@gmail.com

Night Owl Editing is on WordPress. Give her a look.

That’s it. All I know personally. I’m sure there are plenty more out there if you look.

Other avenues

One thing to keep in mind, cost does not always reflect quality. See examples or get references if possible.

Live, Write, Thrive recently did a post on saving money on editing.

What is your experience? Got any available editors to add to the list?


19 thoughts on “Editors for Every Budget

  1. I worked for years as an editor in the field of public health for several consulting companies. I am now retired, but I work on editing projects as they come along. See my blog at jsherwinblog.wordpress.com. I write about books and writing, grammar, health and the environment, as well as other topics that interest me.

    Thanks for your post. Good resources for Indie writers or writers looking to get into traditional publishing.


  2. Thanks Winter for the mention! Yes, I haven’t set up a page for it yet, but I am freelancing. I’m negotiable. I can provide references, etc. I’ll be working on my website soon.

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