In the Devil’s Arms


People, I am beyond excited to show off this new cover for Gianna Simone. This author is growing in popularity and I was flattered to be able to give her steamy stories a make over. She has worked hard over the last month or so to revise and update this book. It is a whopper coming in at around 400 pages of magic and romance.

It is available for pre-order now. You can also find Gianna talking about the incredible world she’s built on her blog. Reading what she had to say about this series, I know the world will draw me in and invite me to stay.

Amazon UK:…/…/B01JASKFJS
All Romance Ebooks (ARe):…

The Cover:

Working with Gianna is seamless, at least on my end. She picks some wonderful stock images of couples to work with and gives me just enough freedom to be creative.

I ditched the idea of a typical cover with a background displaying a setting. Gianna is a bold writer. I wanted her to have a bold cover. Her couple image is hot, and I feel like romance titles should really play up the models. I make them as large as I can get them.

The main male character has platinum blonde hair, so we gave the dark blonde model a new color.

The setting is Bayou country, and we settled on a vintage leaf flourish to help add a bit of texture and interest. Throw in a few magic symbols and of course since the leading lady is in a devil’s arms, the color had to be a vivid red. Accent it with a bit of old gold and I fell in love.

I’m always a bit anxious when I show my concept for the first time to a writer. I may like the cover, but that doesn’t mean he or she will. She loved it, her feedback group gave the concept rave reviews.

I’ve already set up the other books in this series with their covers. We’re polishing them as she goes through the stories and revises. Expect to see more new covers from this series.

Plus, I already gave her Norsemen Saga a facelift. She’ll be rolling those out later.

I have my eye on her medieval series too…I’m having to sit on my grabby hands so I don’t overwhelm this poor writer.

Lots of exciting things happening for Gianna. I have no idea how she is keeping everything straight and on schedule.  I am keeping a running task list just to keep up with her graphics, not to mention my other clients. Color me impressed.

Patience, the covers and stories will come. I’ve started a support group so we can all band together and get through the waiting.

If you like what I’ve done, then contact me.

I also have started making some pre-made covers featuring Vikkas Bhardwaj’s premium stock. You can see them on his facebook site or in my facebook photo albums. I will eventually be showcasing them here as well.



6 thoughts on “In the Devil’s Arms

    1. swamped, I’m getting to them 🙂 pricing page will show the types of graphics I offer then I’ll update my portfolio. I have several more covers that I’ve done and will be rolling out later after the writer shows them off. I’m doing my first book convention this oct. How have you been stranger? Update me!

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      1. Graphics design is an ace skill. I’d trade everything I know about editing for that ability because I know the market for cover design, and I’m going to expect great things from you. I’ve been very busy. Recently went back to university for a bit of a career change (hoping to get into medicine). I guess calling myself Storymedic might have been unintentional foreshadowing.

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  1. You are such a sweetheart, I have to tell you, I return the sentiments in spades. You are so much fun to work with and your excitement ratchets mine up to new levels. 😀 Though you make me sound more organized than I really am – I just have lots of lists I put all my ideas on. The implementation is a littler more scattered than I’d like to admit. lol

    I’m very glad I found you – your talent and instincts were exactly what I was looking for. You really hit these all right on the head when I first started thinking about getting these books back out into the world.

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