Norseman’s Revenge Cover

animatedrevengesmall-192x288This was the first cover I did for Gianna. She had picked some wonderful model stock from Period Images featuring Gunter and Jax. So, instead of reworking the cover from scratch, I decided to see how I would utilize the exact same images yet get a different look. I loved the challenge. It amazes me to no end how different people can manipulate the same images.

To be perfectly honest, at the time people weren’t beating down my door asking me for covers. While we were chatting I just asked for her to send me the images from her cover. If she liked what I did, then she could use it and if not then absolutely nothing is lost. I loved this arrangement too. She picked good pictures for cover images and that saved me hours upon hours of stock searching.

The story has BDSM elements and I wanted a darker cover. Something a bit more intense. Black blue and grey. I desaturated the models and faded them into the Fjord that the writer loved and wanted to showcase. Used the same font but added a gradient overlay.


Head over to Gianna’s blog for an excerpt. And patiently wait for the second cover reveal for her Norseman Saga.

Or just go buy it while it is on sale! I’m getting the print, but I’m sure I’ll add the digital as well. 😀

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