Premium Pre-made cover

A very colorful pre-made featuring Anna Serena.

I posted on face book that if left unsupervised I’ll add fire to just about every cover. I love orange and red, so fire follows along with that.

I like to experiment when I play with pre-made cover designs. In this one I painted her dress and look close…I painted her hair 🙂 I wanted to add some movement. When I added the little wispy shawl things, it felt like her hair should be blowing in the wind too. I’m very satisfied with the way it came out as I’m very picky about painted hair. It can be done so badly…I often hesitate to do it.

Anyway, here you go…I love the colors.


If you’d like to have this one, feel free to contact Vikkas. Actual art work stays the same, but I’ll make whatever text changes are needed.

Ebook and print cover, sold only once.

Model stock from

Model is Anna Serena.


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