Cover Reveal Norseman’s Deception

Gianna Simone’s second Norsemen Saga, Norseman’s Deception has been revealed! That means I can show it off.

This cover follows what I had done for Gianna for the first book. It was the second book I revamped for her. She loved the first book cover Norseman’s Revenge and we worked so well together we immediately went to the next book in the series.


booktwoAgain, we used the original stock she had for her cover. When I saw the rich green of the forest, I chose not to de-saturate this cover as much as I did the first one. Using the fonts and similar text layout should be enough branding for this series.

I made her dress sleeve green to add more of the color and break up the brown of her hair. Then Put the two canines front and center. Gianna had supplied excellent stock again, saving me from searching for tedious hours. The cover practically fell together.

Gianna recently returned from giving a workshop at a RWA conference and is working to finish revisions on her third Magiste Series book. That is her last cover for right now left to be shown off. She is also working on a third Norsemen Saga book.


“Holy hot viking! This is historical fiction with an erotic edge that makes for one smoking hot story.”

“Fast paced and steamy read. I was hooked from beginning to end, the chemistry between Ari and Thora is hot! Loved it!”

“I enjoyed it. You sink into a book like this to relax, and Gianna Simone delivers exactly what’s promised.”

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