Nano Part One


I has words!

I made it through the first few days of Nano by telling myself to write only for me. I’m telling me the story so I know how it goes.

That didn’t really help much. I can preach it, can’t walk that walk.

The obstacle? Self doubt. I’m never really certain on my plot or characters and that is even before I start putting words down. It is one of the biggest obstacles any writer can face. I’m the type of person that none of the pep talks and rah rah’s don’t work with me. Keep the squishy feel goods.

What did work this round was starting where I was excited. I picked a scene that will be somewhere in the middle and wrote. Whatever I could about that scene.

The next best thing to help me out of the I don’t wanna write slump…SPRINTS with someone. I thought I was done. That no more writing would happen and I’d be behind with little hope of catching up. Then a writer I know, Khloe Wren, came along FB. Basically, it went down as “We’re gonna sprint!”

And we did. So, for right now I’m caught up and hanging tough.

I started Nano with very little idea of what my plot and happenings would be. I don’t seem to have plot sorted out before I write. Or I don’t have the characters sorted. Take your pick, but I’m never truly ready to write.

I’ve got a plot piece unresolved. One of the characters has taken some information from the baddie but right now she doesn’t know it. I have no idea what that information should be.

I do know it is something the baddie would like to keep underwraps.

I know it can’t bring them down, because I have another story in mind.

I know it does need to impact them big time though, enough that they would happily kill the FMC to keep it quiet. Ironically, the FMC doesn’t talk. Yeah that presents it’s own unique issues with writing both her POV and the other one.

And literally as I type this out…I think I know the secret now! How awesome!

Buut…that brings up my other plot issue. How do I end it?

OMG…I know what will go down in book two just now…how about book one? I need to end it so I can pull off book two’s sub plot. It’s nice that not only story two and three are clicking now with this bit but I need to find a way to wrap up one in a satisfactory way and not have it feel like a cliff hanger.

GOT something! Whoot!

Yeah so just sleeping on my issues and then working on them while I drink coffee seems to have solved my conundrums a bit. I’m not awake enough to let the evil critic and editor do their nasty work. It isn’t perfect…the end is still fuzzy, but I can work with what I’ve got.

I still have a fairly flat character, but my solution right now is to just write Rory’s POV. I leap frog scenes and skip over his for now. I’m in her head, so this is working better for me until I can figure him out better. When the time comes, I’ll get help with him if needed.

I have to be careful here. Romance is all about the relationship, the external or action plot is really the sub plot. I tend to go heavy on plot and light on the rest. Not a good thing. I’ll be keeping myself in check.

Another great thing about Nano…WRITE INS. I’m going to one today hosted by my local library.

So there you have it. My Nano so far. I can’t say it is easy. I can’t say I’ll be keeping half of what I wrote, but I can say it has been FUN. I’m enjoying it even with all the frustrations.

THAT is exactly what I wanted out of Nano this round. Find my joy in writing again. Have fun. If I take care of that, the rest will work itself out.

So, I’m juggling several wet angry cats.

I’ve got the Nano daily writing thing happening.
I’m doing edits for Erin as best as a dyslexic person can.
The covers never stop coming. I can tell you Gianna’s third Magiste cover is in the works! Along with others.
Oh did I mention I’m also working a PNR? Yeah more on that later. I’m not counting those words to Nano though, only the SFR. So two stories. At the same time.
There’s other stuff like FT Paycheck Job and family and stuff.

I love to over commit.






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