In the Enchanter’s Arms


And here it is. The last cover revamp for the Magiste Chronicles by Gianna Simone.

It is done in the same format and style as the previous covers. We colored this one an emerald green and changed her hair. This character gets a swath of platinum blonde because of her parentage which should be obvious to readers of the first two stories.

So what is in store for Gianna in 2017?

Well, I’m inquiring (really it’s begging) about re-doing covers for her Medieval Warriors series. I’ll keep on her about it for purely selfish reasons. What can I say? I really like working with her and I enjoy the covers we make together.

She’s writing the next installment of The Norsemen Saga, book three. I think we can expect that from her first. Although, she has mentioned a premise for the fourth book in the Magiste Chronicles. And I have to say, she can’t write fast enough…

And she’s juggling family and life as usual while making meticulous plans for the next year.


Check it out! In the Enchanter’s Arms, Book 3 in The Magiste Chronicles, is now available for pre-order. Professional equestrienne Regine Marchand is a Domme, and relishes her role. But Cameron McIntyre is convinced she’s a sub – at least for him. The struggle for control between the two explodes when Cameron is forced to make a decision that could turn Reggie against him forever. Featuring Magically Kinky! love scenes and a smoking hot new cover by my favorite cover artist, Winter Bayne, In the Enchanter’s Arms will be available everywhere November 26, but you can pre-order it now here:

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:
All Romance Ebooks:



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