Behind a Historical Fiction Cover

Joshua Robertson’s historical fiction The Prince’s Parish


This isn’t my usual cover which was rather exciting for me. I basically had this to go on for the cover:

Title: The Prince’s Parish
Genre: Historical Fiction
Concept: An old, rickety table with a old clay cup and spilled dice. Like 800 – 1200 feel. The backdrop should look like a cellar, or just a gradient color that meshes with the table well.

I went on to learn that the story deals with murder at the church. I personally didn’t feel like the cover concept as it was would really communicate the genre and tone. So we bounced around some ideas and I found a bloody hand holding a cross…everything clicked for me. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look. I knew I wanted a lot of browns and golds to give it a vintage look.



I dig it.

You can dig it too on Amazon for .99!

Edgar left his grandfather’s sheep farm to become a curate at Arterbury Castle. He had expected a disciplined life with rigorous studies, but instead his spirit is tested by his sinful peers. When death knocks at the church door, Edgar must decide whether or not he has what it takes to survive.

The last two covers have been a wonderful break from Robertson’s usual cover requests. His next story which he is currently editing takes place in the Thrice Nine Legends Saga and I can sum up the cover request as….

A red headed six fingered Giant who lives underground fights a three headed snow dragon and a large polar bear…

*blink* yeah, when is Lilian Oake’s next story coming out? I want that cover…

Come back to see what the hell we come up with for his next story…I’m interested to know myself.



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