Heavenly Creatures

I was given the opportunity to do two different angel PNR covers back to back. The first was Odessa Black’s Black Soul. Odessa and I chatted a bit about her story. She wanted vines wrapped around the man on her cover but other than that, she left it up to me.

Vikkas Bhardwaj (www.vikkaszone.com) did a custom photo shoot for her and I went to work on her cover.

I knew her characters didn’t have wings, but I wanted to convey the genre at least a little. Her half angels travel around by sort of melting into the earth, hence the vines.

I wanted to also go against the knee jerk reaction of making the cover black with the title of Black Souls. I wanted the opposite. I wanted subtle wings and golden heavenly light.


The result was my favorite cover to date. Readers commented that the cover model was perfect for the main character. His pose is spot on for the tone of the story.

This cover was so attention grabbing that the writer had over 40 review requests in two hours of posting on her own timeline. Voice actors contacted her to do auditions. It was a bit overwhelming for her, but in a really good way.


People have been leaving great reviews and are eager for her next book in the series. Well, I’m sorry to tell you, there is a tiny bit of wait. However, she has another series out already called The Cursed Series. There are several books there to keep you occupied and a new one will be releasing in March.

In February, she has a stand alone futuristic novel, Object of My Protection. The cover reveal is happening on the 30th in her newsletter. This is also one of my best covers. It was such a treat to make. A definite labor of love. I’m very proud for it to be on her story.

Tortured Soul is the next book in the Forbidden Series. I’ve already designed the cover for it and I love it. Tortured Soul is scheduled for release in April.

You can sign up for Odessa’s newsletter to stay up to date with her new releases and sales coming up soon. And of course Black Soul is now available in digital and print.

Object of My Protection Cover Reveal


About the same time, Jessie Wrights, contacted me about a premade which was already taken. So, we worked out a custom cover for her. Jessie had a good idea of exactly what she wanted and I am delighted to have been able to live up to her expectations.

She did not want the heavenly angel look, she wanted fire and darkness. Well, she had me at fire. Again we browse Vikkas Bhardwaj’s stock images and find one she liked. It came together beautifully.


Can’t wait for this paper back to be on my shelf.


I can’t thank Vikkas enough for the most perfect stock for these covers.





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