Winter in June


I’ve got brand new premades ready for a story to call home. I post first in my Facebook Cover Group. More are in the works. I’m currently working on some historical covers. If you have a genre or wish to make a request, feel free to contact me. I’ll do what I can.



emailsigI’m in a spotlight!

Can you believe someone wanted to interview me? I know right? 🙂 Uncaged Book Reviews saw some of my covers and came asking me questions. A book reviewer…loving my covers. I am speechless. Well…I managed to do the interview, but I was fairly speechless.


My writers have been busy! They have new releases. See all the pretty stories? I am so excited to have done these covers. I’m working on more this month. Currently my lead time is at 3 months out. There are a few I can’t wait to show off. I haven’t counted my remaining slots for the year but I may have about 20 slots available for custom covers for the remainder of this year. Plan ahead!

If any of these covers strike your fancy, find the stories on Amazon. Don’t forget to support a writer and leave a review!

Writer Resources

I’d like to make an editor recommend and I may be writing a bit more about him in the future. James Roberts has taken several green writers and leveled up their writing. I swear my stories weren’t rejected because he edited them first. Another writer who used his services is now an AWARD winning writer. Touch base with him and see what he can do for you.




Vikkas Bhardwaj has been busy and posting new stock images. He has some wonderful historical and Highlander images that were added this past month. Not to mention he had a screen writer/ producer friend of his stop by his Facebook and check out stories. Did you miss this opportunity? Then you need to follow him on Facebook and try to catch another chance while keeping up to date on his stock images.


Cover Artist to Writer Advice

I’ve seen way too many mentions of writers in a situation. They impulsively bought premade covers and do not have a story written for them yet. I wish to caution against this because it is a waste of money and in general not the best business decision. I recommend writers who do not have a definite process to not purchase covers until about the editing phase. I’ve seen writers change the entire story concept, which changes the cover. Title changes…pen name changes and the all too familiar never writing the story.

If a writer spots a cover s/he loves, try saving the cover image and making note of the artist. Most artists will take requests for premades and if not there is always a custom cover to perfectly fit your story. Don’t think you won’t find a cover for your story. There are always options. I am talking to a writer who bought a cover while writing her story. Two years later, she is ready to publish it and the cover is no longer in a style she finds as appealing for her story. It happens all the time. It is worth it to wait.

What can you do if you have a cover design you won’t use?

A) Suck it up, do nothing, move on.
B) You can ask the artist for a refund. Don’t expect to get the entire amount if any. That artist spent a lot of time on the cover art.
C) there has been talk of “trading” or re-selling the covers. This is sticky and not optimal. First, the premade has your title and pen name on it. The original artist will have to make changes. There may be charges for these changes. If models are on your cover art, these models have their own TOS. They may object to being on a different story. Some subject matters are off limits for models. It may seem trivial, but a model is the brand. They have to be meticulous. Be aware there are hoops here to jump through.

My suggestion is to not get in this situation at all. Buy the cover when you are closer to being ready to publish.

I’ve made several covers that I highly doubt will see the light of day and it makes me sad.



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