A July Winter


I’ve had several projects this past month and can’t show them off yet. However, I’ve still have pretties and some news.

First the big pretty is Leigh Lee’s newest historical romance, Rules of Decorum. A cover I thoroughly enjoyed putting together for my friend.


Do you remember Maiden of Fire by Ishabelle Torry that I showed last month? Well, that introduced me to yet another writer I now call friend and we’ve been up to things. Besides plotting and planning in general, we’ve been collaborating on projects.

We collaborated on her next book in the Maidens Series, Circle of Phases. She let me do the heavy lifting on this one.


The next cover we collaborated on was one she is revamping. She did a lot of the heavy work on this one and I added a few tweaks. She polished it off. hauntamazoncovergraintext61817

We are working on more covers together. The learning curve can be flustering, but Ishabelle is doing great. She’s going from Gimp to Photoshop and no, they are not the same. She’s learning on the job with her own covers and I can’t wait to see what she does.


Here’s the last batch of premade covers from the past month.

Model Vikkas Bhardwaj http://www.vikkaszone.com and his facebook page

Model Grigoris Drakakis http://www.4modelactor.com and his facebook page 

Along with Grigoris, there is Makis E.


As always you can follow me in my cover group to see these and more as I post them. These have been added to the premade covers I posted last month and can be found in the menu at the top of the page or click here to see them all.

Cover Artist to Writer Advice

Is it worth it for a writer to do her own covers?

Yes and no.

If a writer is prolific and has a good grasp of the photo editing software then I’d say yes. I know several writers who make their own covers. They do just fine.

If a writer isn’t prolific or does not already have a good grasp of photo editing software, then I’d say no. Covers are such a small investment, even on the higher end of cover price. It is not worth the time away from writing and marketing to learn yet a new skill.

However, in the end, it is a personal choice for every writer. Take into consideration the time involved as well as the cost.

I do absolutely encourage every writer to learn the very basics of something such as Canva. With such a skill a writer can grab royalty free stock and add text to it.


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