Pricing & Frequently Asked Questions

2017 Pricing

Announcements: I currently have a 3 month wait list for custom covers. This can vary depending on several factors and I could finish your cover ahead of time, but 3 months is the most I anticipate.

Pre Made Covers Start at $50

premade2017Pre Made cover pricing starts at $50 USD. Browse the premade covers I have available by checking out the menu at the top. Once you’ve found a premade, email me and I’ll send you the requested files as soon as possible.

I add Title, Name, Series or Tagline. You may change the font and colors but no major changes to the actual art work.

You don’t pay until you’ve seen the finished cover and may cancel the order at anytime before delivery of cover. Once an order is canceled, you may not use the cover art in any fashion. Covers are sold only once and most covers feature premium model stock photos.


Custom Ebook and Print Wrap Covers $125

2017ebookprintPhoto manipulation of stock images create wonderful covers. Contact me and we will begin discussing what styles of cover art you find appealing, your genre, and your story.

Most romance writers provide their own model stock. If you require me to purchase the specialty stock, the cost will be added to the cover pricing.









There is a special discount for using stock from when you request a custom cover and I do not charge extra for the model stock. $100 USD for a custom Vikkas Bhardwaj cover.


Individual Marketing Items $20 Each

Uses existing cover or cover elements from my covers. There is an extra charge if we create a custom design image.

Digital Promo Package $100

Uses existing cover or cover elements from my covers. There is an extra charge if we create a custom design image.


Print Promo Package $50

Uses existing cover or cover elements from my covers. There is an extra charge if we create a custom design image.

  • 2 post card or rack card designs
  • Bookmarks

If you wish to purchase more promotional items we can discuss a bulk purchase discount.

Box Set Image $60

Uses existing cover or cover elements from my covers. There is an extra charge if we create a custom design image.



If you desire premium stock or fonts, please add those to the cost of the package. Once the final cover is completed, full payment is expected via Paypal.

My work involves communicating directly with you concerning the cover. I use mostly Adobe software and incorporate at least two images to get the look you desire. We can use stock that you’ve chosen or we can pick out the perfect images together.


What genres do you do?
Hands down my absolute favorite genre is romance, specifically Paranormal, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Historical. It’s what I read and I love the cover art for these romance sub-genres. I like the odd stuff.  I would say those are also my best covers.
However, I’ll do whatever cover you need.

My lead time is 3-4 months, so plan ahead.


“Cover Design by Winter Bayne © [year]” in the front matter of the book is appreciated.


a. Upon receipt of full payment Cover Artist grants the Client license to use the final cover art for his/her book and/or e-book cover and associated promotional materials.

Cover Artist retains copyright and ownership of all design and draft materials. The Client understands that he/she has no right to alter the final cover art. If the client desires any other alterations, he/she will consult Cover Artist. Additional payments may be required to make after market changes. Cover Artist retains rights to cover art and it cannot be used in any manner other than the designated book and promotion of the designated book. (Writer can change size of cover and we can change the back blurb, but everything else should stay the same after final design completed. Writers should only use the cover for the one book. Yes, people have used the same cover for various books.)

b. Cover Artist retains the right to use Client’s book cover art and design, name, and book title in her portfolio and to market and promote cover art services. The promotion items for Cover Artist or the Cover Model or Photographer  may or may not contain attribution to Client. (Let the people who made you cover possible promote themselves by showing their work. If I use the writer’s cover art on say a business card, I can’t squeeze in attribution to the writer.)

c. The Client agrees to abide by the terms of any license agreement for any images purchased by Cover Artist through a third-party image provider for use in the book cover art. The cost of cover art includes the license to use images and is limited to a print run of 500,000 units. For books with a print run over 500,000, additional licensing fees may apply. The photographer owns the copyright to those photographs and they cannot be distributed in any manner other than in the book cover design. (Don’t use the stock images for anything other than the book.)

d. The Client will secure the appropriate rights to use the  third party materials given to Cover Artist. Should any intellectual property dispute arise involving materials the Client provides, the Client assumes full legal and financial responsibility. (Don’t try to give me images from random social media and ask me to put text over it for a cover. )